Welcome to Cornish Farm Foods

We deliver quality natural produce from our family run farm in North Cornwall direct to your door. All our additive free products are locally sourced from green and rolling Cornish pastures ensuring that you get the best naturally produced seasonal farm fresh food nature can provide.

Depending on the season we supply traditional reared Beef, Lamb, Pork and Poultry as well as Locally grown Vegetables, Salads and Fruits. To complement our range of produce we also stock the best of Cheese, Cornish Drinks and Condiments.

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Beef Selection Box
- 2 steaks - (Rump). - 2 Minced Beef (500g each). - 2 Stewing Beef (500g each). - 4 Prime ...... more >

Half a Lamb
- 12 Lamb Chops (approx). - 1 Whole Leg of Lamb. - 1 Whole Shoulder of Lamb. - 1 Pack ...... more >

Gourmet Selection Box
- 4 Steaks (2 Sirloin, 2 Rump). - 4 Lamb Leg Steaks. - 2 Pork Leg Steaks. - 1 Pork Tenderloin. - ...... more >

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(All weights/pack sizes given are based on average sizes and may vary)
Half a Lamb
- 12 Lamb Chops (approx). - 1 Whole Leg of Lamb. - 1 Whole Shoulder of Lamb. - 1 Pack ...... more

Fruit and Veg Box
A mixture of seasonal fruit and vegetables (Cornish where possible of course). Customer may stipulate ...... more

Dressed Crab
Hand-picked, locally caught, dressed crab... more

Fresh, locally caught, cooked lobster... more

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Our beef is hung for a minimum of 21 days to develop its superb flavour and ...... more >

Our fields are home to a flock of breeding ewes. We rear traditional British breeds ...... more >

Our pigs live outdoors where they are free to root around our woodland paddocks. Our ...... more >

We have free range ducks, chickens and geese roaming around our green pastures. These provide ...... more >

A bit about Ready Meals ... more >

The easy way to but our delicious free range meat products... more >