About Us

We have a long history in farming. The picture shows my great, great grandparents who farmed in Kent and ran a butchers in Rochester. Many years later their son (my great grandfather) George Onslow gave my grandparents a handful of black and white cows, believed to be the first Friesians in the South West. These complemented the more popular South Devons, a superb dual-purpose animal providing milk and superb beef.

I grew up on my Grandparents’ farm in Salcombe, South Devon, for me a childhood dream, enjoying all the fruits of an outdoor lifestyle.

With a lot of hard work and some good fortune we were able to move to the tranquility of North Cornwall where, being a Cornishman myself, I get great pleasure from a farming life and living with the traditional Cornish farming beliefs handed down through generations.

Kersworthy and Buttern are our two farms in Cornwall.

They are mainly grass based as the soil, especially Kersworthy, is predominately clay and is good for holding the moisture to grow our lush grass. Butterns’ soil is more loam based and better suits certain crops that we grow to feed our animals throughout the winter months.

All of our stock is reared outside on our grass which provides plentiful vitamin E and Omega 3, allowing us to let our meat hang for longer periods to further enhance the flavor.

We only house our animals in severe weather or when they are producing their offspring over the winter months. We deliberately lamb in late March to early April to minimise this and, weather permitting, lambs are born outside in the natural environment, getting then used to their healthy outdoor life from the start.

When conditions dictate we have large open-plan barns bedded with barley straw from our own crops and an ample supply of silage, corn, peas, beans and fodder beet, all from our own crops.

We are now working with other Cornish producers to supply goods such as cheese, dairy products, wine and fruit and veg to make available a wide range of fresh, free range, chemical free products.

Our aim is to see people enjoy our products as much as we enjoy rearing our livestock, seeing it flourish in our glorious Cornish countryside.