Green Policy

As a traditional free range farm supplying prime produce directly to our customers homes and restaurants, we are all too aware of the constant increase in food prices.

This is largely due to the ever increasing cost of feeding the animals. This, in turn, is a direct result of our unpredictable weather and season changes that are becoming far more regular and detrimental to our climate each year.

This has given rise to prolonged, wetter summers, resulting in poorer crop harvests.

This is a subject that has sparked constant media interest, as this dire situation has effected thousands of farms this year, and will only continue to deteriorate unless something is done, now!

This is why we at Cornish Farm Foods believe that the time to take action and help to reduce the pollution we produce each day, is here.

By joining us in this, and becoming 'Officially Greener' through Cornish Farm Foods, you will be helping to invest In green projects designed to offset the bad carbon emissions we all produce. Customers who join us in this initiative will become VIP members.

VIP members will be entitled to permanent discounts and free delivery, and will be able to follow and track our expanding carbon offsetting.

Let's do something before this problem becomes an irreversible one, let's leave a better, cleaner legacy for future generations, by starting to make a difference, today.

More information on Carbon offsetting can be found on our partners website by following the link below.