Our Philosophy

Our aim is to provide fresh, free range tasty and succulent meat direct to your door.

We rear traditional breeds which suit our lush cornish climate and natural slow rearing meathods. No chemicals or preservitives are used on our livestock and our meat is additive free and farm assured.

Our cattle are predominately Ruby Red Devons which are renowned, not only for there superb flavour but also their excellent marbling and tenderness. This can only be achieved by rearing these beautiful animals in a natural way. They also have a lovely impact on our surrounding countryside.

All of our beef is hung for a minimum of 21-28 days to develop it's superb flavour and texture before being expertly butchered to order and delivered, in chilled boxes, fresh to you.

We also rear traditional Gloucester old spots and Tamworth pigs. These are renowned for there unique flavour and excellent crackling on roasting joints and our bacons and hams are all dry cured the old fashioned way.

We farm various breeds of sheep to suit all tastes - mainly Devon Longwools. These are totally grass fed to encourage a slower growth rate, giving them a better flavour.

The farm boundaries include ponds and streams allowing our ducks and chickens to enjoy life the natural way. This enhances their deep, rich flavours.

We believe it is important that you know where your meat comes from and we firmly believe, our carefully selected breeds provide the very best in quality and flavour.

One objective overrides everything else at our farm - to provide the highest possible quality of life for our livestock. Light and airy housing and all natural homegrown feeds, combined with the 24 hour care and attention our livestock receives, keeps them in the possible condition - happy and healthy.

You can keep our meat in the fridge for up to a week to enjoy at its freshest, or freeze and use at your convenience.

Our butchery is very family friendly with everyday cooking in mind - all our packs are labelled and easy to freeze.

All meat is prepared and packaged at our butchery on the farm.

Therefore if you require any particular cuts, sizes, or selections please ask when ordering - we will be happy to oblige.