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Our aim is to provide fresh, free range, tasty and succulent meat direct to your door.

We rear traditional breeds which suit our lush Cornish climate and natural slow-rearing methods. No chemicals or preservatives are used on our livestock and our meat is additive free and Farm Assured. We believe it is important that you know exactly where your meat comes from.

Beef Burgers

Made by our butchers on the Farm from our prime Beef Mince, these Burgers are a taste sensation!


Beef Shin

A perfect stewing cut, ideal for slow braising, casseroling, or stewing all day in your slow-cooker.


Beef Skirt

If you don’t fancy our home-made Pasties, why not make your own? Skirt Beef is the cut traditionally used in Cornish Pasties, and ours is lean and melt-in-the-mouth tender!



Another prime roasting Rib joint, this little-known cut of beef is best slow-roasted for maximum flavour and tenderness.


Brisket - per kg

Another popular cut that benefits from a leisurely roasting at a medium temperature. Ideal for anyone who shops to a budget.


Cornish Blue Beef Burgers

Yummy Cornish Blue cheese that melts away inside your steak burger.


Diced Marinated beef

Another Barbecue favourite, also ideal for kebabs.


Diced Steak

Ideal to put in your homemade pies.


Diced Stewing Beef

Perfect for Casseroles, Stews and Curries.


Feather Steaks


Fillet Steak

Tender, juicy and packed with flavour, our Fillet Steaks are a wonderful treat for a special occasion, but affordable enough for any day of the week!


Minced Beef

Tender minced steak, lean and tasty, ideal for Cottage Pies, Bolognese or Lasagne.


Peppered Beef Steaks

Ideal for Barbecues, sandwiches or salads.


Rib of Beef

Delivered to you on the bone, for maximum taste and flavour


Ribeye Steak

Try one of our Rib-Eyes grilled with a sprinkling of Cornish Blue Cheese. Delicious!!


Rolled Chuck - per kg

An ideal joint for your slow-cooker. Simply place it in the slow cooker with 3 or 4 cups of water (or red wine!!!) before you head out to work and leave it braising all day. When you get home, you’ll have a perfect, tender pot roast.


Rolled Rib - per kg

The perfect prime roasting joint for your Sunday dinner, succulent and easy to carve.


Rump Steak

A Cornish Farm Foods Best-Seller, our Rumps are famous for their unrivalled taste and tenderness.


Rump Steak




Sirloin Steak

One of our most popular cuts of beef, and it’s easy to see why – thick, juicy and full of flavour, as you’d expect from beef that’s been hung for 28 days.


Top Rump


Topside - per kg

Our best-selling roasting joint, and a traditional family favourite – it’s what Sunday lunch was made for!



Half a Lamb


Lamb and Mint Burgers


Lamb Butterfly (Barnsley) Chops

One of these ‘Barnsley’ chops makes a meal in itself, meaty and tender and a succulent treat.


Lamb Chops

Thick and full of flavour, our lamb chops are a real family favourite!


Lamb Fore Shanks

Lamb Fore Shanks - pack of two


Lamb Leg Steaks

Beautifully tender and juicy, bursting with flavour, these are ideal for a quick and easy evening meal, just grill them serve with your favourite seasonal vegetables.


Lamb Loin Noisettes

The full flavour of our free-range lamb is fully on show in this delicious, delicate cut – ideal for dinner parties.


Lamb Neck Fillet

Ideal for casseroles, stews and Lancashire Hotpot; a tasty and economical cut of lamb.


Lamb Rear Shanks

Take your time braising these meaty and flavoursome Shanks – slow cooking for 6-8 hours ensures maximum tenderness and taste.


Lamb Scrag Neck

A tasty and econonmical cut of lamb, ideal for slow cooked stews, and casseroles.


Lamb Shoulder

Slow roasting brings out the best in this tasty and economical joint.


Leg of Lamb

Another Sunday roast favourite – an ideal treat for a family gathering!


Leg of Lamb part Boned and Rolled (per Kg)

Another Cornish Farm Foods best seller, this tender and juicy roasting joint is a firm favourite for a Sunday roast!


Stuffed Lamb Breasts

Freshly prepared by our expert Butchers, these make an ideal evening meal.


Meat Boxes


There are currenly no products avaliable under this heading.
Mixed Meat Boxes


There are currenly no products avaliable under this heading.

1kg Gammon Joint


500g Sausage Meat

Ideal meat for making your own home-made sausage rolls.




Collar Bacon Joint

A Cured shoulder of bacon at a reasonable price!


Collar Rashers

Cured, chunky bacon. 6 rashers at a bargain price of £3. get your teeth into that!


Cooked Ham Joint

Ideal for Christmas, full of mouth watering flavours.


Diced Marinated Pork

Wheel out the Barbecue and skewer some of our delicious marinated pork with peppers, onions and mushrooms for fabulous kebabs!


Diced Pork

Casseroles, curries and of course Barbecues – our diced Pork is a versatile addition to so many menus.


Gammon Slices

Gammon slices, ideal with your free range egg and chips! All gammons are dry cured and generously sliced to make an ample meal for one if necessary.


Green Streaky Bacon

8 Rashers


Greenback Bacon

5/6 Rashers


Lemon Peppered Pork Steaks

Prepared by our Butchers, Ideal for barbecues.


Minced Pork

Ideal for home-made meatballs and burgers.


Oak Smoked Back Bacon


Pigs Heart


Pigs Liver


Pigs Trotters

Can be used by the more adventurous cook! Ideal for making chinese sweet and sour treats or for French cooking.


Pork and Apple Burgers

Handmade at our farm Butchery, these unique burgers are a mouth-watering treat!


Pork Belly Joint

Succulent and packed with flavour , our Pork Belly joint is a perfect family treat, and proof that free-range meat doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Pork Belly Slices

Try these with a hickory marinade for a tasty barbecued treat.


Pork Chops on the Bone

You’ll be amazed by the size, taste and flavour of these gorgeous free-range Chops. Bet you can’t eat two!!


Pork Chops- boneless

Thick and tasty, these succulent free range Chops are a mouth-watering treat.


Pork Leg Joint

Succulent meat and crispy crackling – what more could you want from a Pork joint?


Pork Leg Steaks

Thick, tasty and packed with flavour, these juicy free-range steaks are perfect for a quick and easy evening meal.


Pork Loin Eye Steaks

A tasty teatime treat. Lean, tender and pack with flavour.


Pork Shoulder Joint

Tender free-range meat and of course the crisp, tasty crackling that our pork joints are famous for!


Pork Spare Ribs

Pork Spare Ribs - per 1 person pack


Pork Tenderloin / Fillet

A beautifully tender cut, ideal for roasting, also makes a great dinner-party centrepiece.


Sliced Ham

Three slices of freshly thin cut ham for the best ham sandwich!


Smoked Gammon Joint


Speciality Pork Sausages

A range of tempting flavours, handmade by our master Butchers, but all gluten free and additive free – proper farmhouse sausages.


Traditional Pork Sausages

Additive free, gluten-free, handmade and delicious – try them with our dry cured bacon and free-range eggs for a full Farmhouse breakfast.



3kg Free Range Chicken


Chicken Breasts in Garlic Butter


Chicken Drumsticks


Chicken Stir Fry


Diced Chicken


Duck Eggs


Free Range Chicken

Plump and juicy, our free-range chickens are perfect family sized roasters.


Free range Chicken Breasts

Each pack contains two large succulent Chicken breasts, packed with flavour and ideal for curries, casseroles as well as on their own, simply grilled.


Free range Chicken Thighs

Free range Chicken Thighs


Free Range Duck

Free Range Duck (approx 2-2.5kg)


Free range Duck Breast

Free range Duck Breast


Free Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs - per half dozen


Free Range Goose

Free Range Goose – to order only, £POA
Please email or phone with your requirements


Free range Turkey

Free range Turkey - Available for Christmas only £POA


Lemon Peppered Drumsticks

Lemon Peppered Drumsticks - pack of four


Turkey Legs


Turkey Wings


Ready Meals

Beef and Ale Pie

Beef and Ale Pie - Our own beef, juicy and tasty, available in three portion sizes.


Beef and Vegetable Pie

Beef and Vegetable Pie - quality ingredients, three serving sizes.


Cornish Pasty - Individual

Cornish Pasty - One proper Cornish Pasty


Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie - Traditional recipe, quality ingredients, hard to beat!


Game Pie

Game Pie - Seasonal, please phone or email your requirements.
Price on application



Lasagne - Home made and delicious


Quiche Couple


Sausage Casserole

Sausage Casserole - warming and full of Cornish Farm Foods flavour


Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls - pack of four


Scotch eggs

Scotch eggs - pack of two


Sliced Ham

Delicious Free Range, Dry Cured Ham.


Steak and Kidney Pie

Steak and Kidney Pie - single serving




There are currenly no products avaliable under this heading.