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All Our Pork!

Our pigs live outdoors where they are free to root around our woodland paddocks. Our pork is delicious, succulent, makes proper crackling and is a real mouth watering treat.

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Cornish Farm Foods
"this really is farm fresh!"

1kg Gammon Joint


500g Sausage Meat
Ideal meat for making your own home-made sausage rolls.




Collar Bacon Joint
A Cured shoulder of bacon at a reasonable price!


Collar Rashers
Cured, chunky bacon. 6 rashers at a bargain price of £3. get your teeth into that!


Cooked Ham Joint
Ideal for Christmas, full of mouth watering flavours.


Diced Marinated Pork
Wheel out the Barbecue and skewer some of our delicious marinated pork with peppers, onions and mushrooms for fabulous kebabs!


Diced Pork
Casseroles, curries and of course Barbecues – our diced Pork is a versatile addition to so many menus.


Gammon Slices
Gammon slices, ideal with your free range egg and chips! All gammons are dry cured and generously sliced to make an ample meal for one if necessary.


Green Streaky Bacon
8 Rashers


Greenback Bacon
5/6 Rashers


Lemon Peppered Pork Steaks
Prepared by our Butchers, Ideal for barbecues.


Minced Pork
Ideal for home-made meatballs and burgers.


Oak Smoked Back Bacon


Pigs Heart


Pigs Liver


Pigs Trotters
Can be used by the more adventurous cook! Ideal for making chinese sweet and sour treats or for French cooking.


Pork and Apple Burgers
Handmade at our farm Butchery, these unique burgers are a mouth-watering treat!


Pork Belly Joint
Succulent and packed with flavour , our Pork Belly joint is a perfect family treat, and proof that free-range meat doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Pork Belly Slices
Try these with a hickory marinade for a tasty barbecued treat.


Pork Chops on the Bone
You’ll be amazed by the size, taste and flavour of these gorgeous free-range Chops. Bet you can’t eat two!!


Pork Chops- boneless
Thick and tasty, these succulent free range Chops are a mouth-watering treat.


Pork Leg Joint
Succulent meat and crispy crackling – what more could you want from a Pork joint?


Pork Leg Steaks
Thick, tasty and packed with flavour, these juicy free-range steaks are perfect for a quick and easy evening meal.


Pork Loin Eye Steaks
A tasty teatime treat. Lean, tender and pack with flavour.


Pork Shoulder Joint
Tender free-range meat and of course the crisp, tasty crackling that our pork joints are famous for!


Pork Spare Ribs
Pork Spare Ribs - per 1 person pack


Pork Tenderloin / Fillet
A beautifully tender cut, ideal for roasting, also makes a great dinner-party centrepiece.


Sliced Ham
Three slices of freshly thin cut ham for the best ham sandwich!


Smoked Gammon Joint


Speciality Pork Sausages
A range of tempting flavours, handmade by our master Butchers, but all gluten free and additive free – proper farmhouse sausages.


Traditional Pork Sausages
Additive free, gluten-free, handmade and delicious – try them with our dry cured bacon and free-range eggs for a full Farmhouse breakfast.